From personal development 
to personal growth

Where in the spring of your adult life you might like to further develop your knowledge and skills, personal growth is about a fundamental, permanent change you go through as a person. Living your own values and setting a personal goal are a source of energy.

This change, or self-development, is noticeable in all areas of your life.


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Stress management

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Finding balance

In a personal programme, you explore with Eva what brings you out of and into balance. Through an energy diary you gain insight into your state of being. In the conversations we go to deeper layers that influence your way of being. What patterns do you subconsciously maintain? Which parts of you are in the shade? How do you take back control of your life step by step? 

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Career Coaching

Shaping your career

In a 7-hour process, you will explore your career question with Eva by questioning different aspects such as your talents, ambitions, motivation, core values and aspirations.

Furthermore, we investigate the opportunities in the labour market, specific sectors and look for those organisations that suit you. In this way, we work step by step towards your customised personal development plan. You will receive a workbook with exploratory exercises, models and many tips to support you in your exploration between interviews.

Shape your future is a recognised career centre of VDAB. Under specific conditions, you might be entitled to career cheques. The coaching will be then held in Dutch.  If you do not meet the conditions of VDAB, we will be happy to draw up a tailor-made proposal 


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