Positive leadership 

SHAPE YOUR FUTURE works with a heart for doers with ambition who want to take
the lead and direct people in an authentic way and in doing so, take the lead of themselves.
We guide organisations & people in their personal and professional exploration 
in order to shape their own future.


Building your future together


Involvement is the essential building block of every story and every collaboration. From the first contact to the acquainted conversation. Listening is key. We coach and advise from our heads and with our hearts. This is how we help you grow.


At SHAPE YOUR FUTURE! we look together at how you want to develop as a person or organisation and map out where you already are. We like to challenge you to take bold and sustainable steps while you can fully rely on our solid professional experience and broad perspective.

Beyond boundaries

We believe in everyone's talent and the ability to grow and take the lead of oneself or others with confidence. We are 100% committed to individuals who are willing to grow further.and to organisations in which people can be themselves. We challenge you to push your boundaries. 

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Leadership development

When you take on a leadership role, there are some new expectations and challenges that require you to learn new things to achieve the best results with your team, in a motivating working environment


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​Personal development

The individual coaching process starts with your coaching question around your career or professional challenge with the aim of gaining insights into and finding handles for your challenge.


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Team development

The essence of team development is to learn from and with each other, in an open working environment, to pursue a common goal together and celebrate successes.


Hi, I am Eva,


Driving force behind SHAPE YOUR FUTURE ! and passionate when I see people develop .  Involved, in-depth or pushing boundaries is the feedback I regularly receive about my interventions. Curious what I can do for you?

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Sometimes doing  is the best way to get into action