Our vision on leadership development

Investing in leadership development starts with identifying potential future leaders within the organisation and prepare them for their future role. This way, they are better equipped to develop their self-awareness, build confidence.and make thoughtful decisions, the whole organisation will benefit from.

It helps to keep talent on board, to nurture a positive organisational culture that values growth and development. It contributes to better employee engagement and a stronger organisation as a whole.

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360° Leadership Journey

The Leadership Journey is an individual journey for people managers who want to consciously grow in their role as a leader in an authentic way,

It starts with an in-depth talent & development analysis that provides insight into what you stand for (your values) and where you already stand as a leader, you receive an appreciative personal report with recommendations aimed at your further development and it forms the basis of an individual coaching programme.

The 360° leadership journey is aimed at both novice leaders and experienced leaders who embrace feedback to continue developing themselves to serve their team or department..

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Individual coaching journey

When you lead and direct more consciously and have a good understanding of the effects of your behavior, you build the foundation of a motivating working climate in which results can be achieved with your team. This will give you more impact and satisfaction as a people manager,

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Experiential learning

Leadership requires different competencies from those of a senior employee or an expert. It often requires you to 'un-learn' skills in order to learn new ones. Our training programmes and thematic workshops for managers focus on motivation, giving feedback, holding developmental conversations, setting clear goals, delegating, developing coaching skills, ... always in relation to their own context and development needs.

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